Group | Solo Exhibitions


  • Solo exhibition “I Am Reborn” , Foundation B.a.d , Rotterdam, NL. (6th-9th January )
  • Solo exhibition “I Survived”, De Aanschouw , Wissel 1163 , Rotterdam , NL. (18th-25th January)


  • Group exhibition “Perspective”, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain. (10th – 27th January )
  • Group exhibition “The current obsession” , Monat Gallery, Madrid, Spain. (22nd February – 8th March)
  • Group exhibition “The Women Triumph”, Haze Gallery, Berlin, Germany. (8th – 18th March)
  • Exposition at “Bruisende avond op Zuid” event , arranged by Hart Van Zuid , Rotterdam Ahoy , Rotterdam , NL. (30th March)
  • Duo exhibition “In Her Natural State” with Philip Riley , Foundation B.a.d , Rotterdam , NL. (26th – 28th October)


  • Paris art fair, Monat Gallery, Paris, France. (23rd – 25th September)
  • Spotlight Rotterdam talent, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam , Rotterdam, NL. (5th– 19th October)
  • Innsbruck art fair , Van Gogh art gallery, Olympiaworld Innsbruck , Austria. (27th – 30th October)
  • Group virtual exhibition “ The Anatomy of a Lifetime”, Artsper, Monat gallery. (12th – 23rd December)


  • Milan Fashion Week, MFC pop-up store, AASSTTIINN private showroom, Milan, Italy. (17th – 23rd February)
  • Fashion Revolution week, Fashion open studio programme, virtual open studio and workshop on the ASSTTIINN website. ( 20th – 26th April)


  • Presentation of Embroidery Designs at AASSTTIINN platform, Teer art fair, Tehran, Iran. (25th – 28th June)
  • Permanent show of Embroidery Designs at Kadib store, Berlin, Germany. (November 2019 – 2023)


  • Group exhibition ”Season of colours”, Golestan Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran. (1st – 6th December, Curated by Pegana Art)


  • International Women’s Day auction, Art on a Postcard (AOAP) , Curated by Vittoria Beltrame, PV at Bomb Factory’s Covent Garden Gallery (5th March), London, UK (27th February – 12th March).
  • Art on a Postcard (AOAP) X War Child UK auction, Curated by Gemma Peppe, London, UK. (23rd April – 7th May)

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