Sona Asemani (b.1994) is an Iranian Artist. A self-taught artist, she received her BA in economics from the ATU University of Tehran in 2017. Ever since then, she has dedicated her time to making art. She started with acrylic paint and had her first group show in 2018 in Tehran.
From 2019 to 2020, Sona focused on textile designing and embroidery art and sold over 150 pieces of her embroidery artworks worldwide during this one year. But, she retained her passion for being a professional painter.
A new chapter of painting with oil started when Asemani moved to the Netherlands in late 2020. She has been working and living in Rotterdam since then.

Asemani’s practice explores unconditional freedom and gender inequality through personal experience and history. Her subject matter praises femininity, combating body shaming and women’s insecurities made by modern society’s harmful and unrealistic beauty standards.
Sona’s oil paintings celebrate natural beauty and self-confidence while portraying an imaginary world of liberated women through a series of portraits referencing stories and images in which Persian Miniature faces, figures, and symbols inspire her a lot.